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 The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story

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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story   Fri 12 Jun 2009, 14:48

Chapter 5

The incident of the day before had slowly passed away, but not easily. The newborn guardians were nervous about their new job, new powers, and their enemy. But the most nervous was Will Vandom, for she carried the very thing Phobos was after.

But, she could not figure out why. Why was he contacting her before she even had the Heart? Why was Phobos pursuing her now? As she sat in Math, her final class, she still had no answers. Though the bite had faded away (Yan Lin blamed it on illusionary technique), Will knew what it was; some kind of a sign.

A sign that she needed answers…

But as school was slowly coming to an end, the Guardians were unaware they were being watched; rather closely.


Within the darkness of the throne room, Phobos analyzed the whole situation with a devious smirk. Looking at Will through the sands, he could see the Heart’s aura surrounding her, and he chuckled darkly. Fate was playing an interesting game between the two of them.

“So; the new generation has been chosen…Things have just become more interesting…” he whispered.

He was thrilled; for the idiots at Candracar chose someone he was already pursuing to be the Keeper of the Heart. He could easily kill two birds with one stone now. His smirk turned into a smile that lightly bared his fangs. He came so close last time, and his little warning nip proved he could reach her now.

“I could have her brought to me here…I would have a much stronger advantage than I do on her plain.” He mused to himself.

A dark chuckle rumbled in his throat. It would be much easier if she were in Meridian. His smile darkened, and he clapped his hands together as he came to a final decision. He whispered softly as the sound of footsteps echoed outside the doors,

“I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, my Wilhelmina…”

The source of the footsteps walked into the dark room. Two monstrous beings, likened to upright toads in armor, kneeled before him; their heads hung low in respect. Phobos’ smile deepened, and he whispered with a cruel, soft tone,

“I have someone that needs to be brought to me…”


“Thank God the bite healed!” Taranee whispered to Will.

Will cringed; what a lovely way to start an after school conversation. She wanted to figure out her situation, but right now, all she wanted to do was go home, get her homework out of the way, and sleep. She knew she had to help the others with this Guardian thing, but right now, she was tired. Her mind skipped back to the conversation, and she said with a fading smile,

“Yeah…I was freaking because I didn’t know how to explain that one to my mom!”

Taranee looked at her with a protective gleam in her eyes. She knew Will was the Keeper of what made her and the others who they were, but she was far from ready to take this on; she honestly thought they all were far from ready. She walked with Will to the gates, and asked, bringing up an offer she made several times already,

“Are you sure you don’t want a ride home?”

Will looked on as Taranee’s parents pulled up in their car, but she said softly as she walked through the gates,

“I’m positive! And besides,” she smiled lightly, trying to reassure her friend, and added, “It’s still daylight! Who in their right mind’s gonna attack during the day?”

And with that, Will quietly bounded off away from Sheffield Institute. As Will drew further away, she felt slight hesitancy suddenly fall upon her. It felt like something dreadful was going to happen; soon, too. She neared an alleyway, when she suddenly heard soft, melodious voices, calling out in unison to her. She felt nerves rise in her throat, but a compelling urge to see what was the cause overtook her senses.

“Maybe cutting through wouldn’t be a bad idea…” She found herself musing to herself.

She meekly began to follow the whispers, their voices tying tighter into her senses, and beckoning her to walk deeper into their misty, dreamlike realm. Will began to become blind to the possible danger she could be innocently walking into, but the blindfold she had willingly donned within her mind wasn’t consensual to be removed.

She began to wind deeper and deeper into the darkness of the alleyway, but fear was no longer lingering in her thoughts; it was all replaced by intrigue. Soon, Will was lost, and without her knowledge, the Heart of Candracar began to hum in low key a warning. Something was wrong.

Will stopped at the dead end of the alley, for the whispers ebbed away into nothingness. She felt the reassurance die with it, and an overwhelming dread came over her once again. She finally felt the Heart’s message hit her, and gasped; what could be wrong? As she started to pull her backpack off, her question was about to be answered.

She felt a large hand clamp down upon her mouth, and her eyes widened as a stifled gasp escaped her mouth. She flailed as she gripped the hand, and tried to pry it away from her face. Her backpack fell to the ground as the struggle between assailant and would be captive silently raged on, the Heart somewhat safe for the time being.

In the end, victory was given to the assailant.

“Oi, Gabriel! Did you get her?” a gruff voice asked.

Will weakly struggled, but the creature restraining her was far stronger than she was, and to add matters worse, she was getting tired from the flailing. She basically lost this fight. The creature restraining her answered the voice back with an equally gravelly voice,

“Aye, that I did! Let’s take her back to the Prince!”

Will weakly kicked and squirmed, but it proved to be worthless. Realizing the danger she was in, a muffled scream ripped from her throat, only to be smothered out by the peels of laughter from the guards as they dragged her away into the shadows of the alleyway, and through the portal that laid in wait for them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story   Tue 23 Jun 2009, 15:44

This is getting good, I can't wait for more Very Happy !
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story   Sun 16 Aug 2009, 15:36

heres more of the previous chapter!

Night slowly gave in to early morning on Earth, and a breeze whistled in the air, picking up speed and becoming a boisterous wind current as it came closer to the ocean. The sun was barely gracing the sky when teenagers were coming here and there from their homes to school. Taranee, for once, decided to walk the streets to get to school.

As she neared the school, she felt something. It felt like a pull, like someone was grabbing the sleeve of her shirt. Her eyebrows rose in confusion; what was this? She looked to the alleys where the feeling was strongest, and despite her fears, she began to follow it.

The tug led her through the system of alleys, only to show a dead end with a strange sight. Thrown haphazardly against the ground was a backpack, and the irresistible pull was radiating from it, like an aura. As she neared it with caution, she gasped as she caught sight of the tell tale sign of whom owned this backpack; a small frog keychain. She gasped; it couldn’t be….

She reached into the backpack, only to pull out the worst confirming factor for her; the Heart of Candracar. She felt fear and shock twist into her thoughts as she realized the fact that Will was no longer on Earth; how long she had been missing, she didn’t know, but she had to get the others, and quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story   Sat 29 Jan 2011, 21:01

love it and can not wait for more
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story   

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The Kiss of a Vampire: A PhobosxWill story
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