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 Profile updates & Gallery changes

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PostSubject: Profile updates & Gallery changes   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 17:45

Ok, topic 1 - Updates to profiles:
I've expanded on the personalised profile categories. New fields include: fav character, episode, quote, tv shows, films & music. I think I've removed the humour field - or in the very least turned it off - for some strange reason it's a default field! Character wise, I think I got most of the main characters. If I've missed your favourite character PM me.
Friends are now visible on profiles, along with the ability to send profile visitor messages. Explore, & let me know if it works (or not tongue)!
Along the same lines - RPG character profiles are kinda operational - see the topic -here- for details!

& onto topic 2 - Changes to the gallery:
Due to the limited space available currently in the gallery, I've decided to remove upload access to the gallery for members. Short version: it's no longer a fanart gallery. Long version: I plan instead to use it to upload screencaps, comic-caps (is that a word? Small clips from the comics anyway), thanks to Witchclass I have some of the calendar images, so those might go up too. It would also be a good place to store WITCH based avatars for members without (& wanting) a profile image. So here comes my latest request: If you have any WITCH screencaps, avatars conveniently saved (aka 'borrowed without permission') from the original W-U, comic clips etc, please feel free to contact me to let me know what you have & to get my email address if needsbe.
My other reason for this is that most of you who create fanart have probably already uploaded them elsewhere. So I'll set up a pinned & locked topic in the main fanart sections. This will consist of one post containing the member name & their webaddress(es) where the art's uploaded to. I'll probably replicate this for fanfic as well & also for original fics & art. If you want me to link your works in either PM me. By all means continue posting in the Sheffield Institute & Original Creations forums, but the aim of these topics will be to create a simple list of links, without the need for constant scrolling down the page in order to find a particular image or link (for example).

Fairly irrelevant side note:
I'm changing the email address linked to this site, in order to keep it spam free. For those of you who know & use my original email addy, feel free to continue to contact me that way, & it'll still be available to anyone who PM's me to ask for it! Plus, it stops my inbox from being flooded with PM notifications!! But importantly both work!...I did say it was fairly irrelevant!

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*~Dark Crystal Queen~*
*~Dark Crystal Queen~*

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PostSubject: Re: Profile updates & Gallery changes   Sat 18 Jul 2009, 09:51

I have some, and I'll send them 2 u in a PM...
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Profile updates & Gallery changes
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