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 witch: next generation

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PostSubject: witch: next generation   Mon 10 Aug 2009, 00:14

Yes the return of my "epic" series. affraid I want to end it right adn finish it off swell! If you remember im so glad! If you forgot heres a reminder. If you have never heard of it hi! So here we go, i remember it very well.

Sam tossed, a turned and tried to escape. She ws running in circles, faster, faster faster the room was spinning. Until it all stopped and every object dropped. One red, vanished. The other blue, vanished. The third was grey it also vaished. The pink one shined so bright it almost blinded her, but after it was gone. Last was a green orb with a circle. It rolled to her. Sam tempted to pick it up. But when her index finger minorly touched it, the orb vanished. Adn everything was pitch black.

"ring. ring. ring"

"Huh?" Sam woke up and hit the alarm clock.

She sat down on her bed starring at her mirror. She streched and reflection wasnt of her. But of a girl. With long black hair in a high pony tail and pink atire with fairy like wings.

"Mom!" Sam yelled.

Cornelia rushed upstairs into her daughters bedroom.

"What what what is it!?"

"My.... my...mmmm.... my.... reflection?"

Sam was hesitant. She looked back at the mirror. And there she was. Short blonde hair and black and withe jammies.

"It wasnt like that a few seconds ago."

Cornelia rolled her eyes. "Oh really? who was it then?"

"Of a girl." Sam protested.

"Was the girl perhaps 5"3 short blonde hair and really sarcastic?"

"Mom! I swear it was there!"

"Just a dream or somthing. Come down and eat breakfast."

Cornelia left the room. Unaware of her daughters fate. Or the others fate. Sam looked closer into the mirror. Touching the glass.

"I swear... it.... it.... it was there...."

Somewhere else in the city of heartherfield, madison wasnt taking to well in her sleep.

"HELP!" Madison couhged in the fire. "HELP!"

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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Mon 10 Aug 2009, 00:57

my computer is being stupid and not letting post the whole thing.


Madison was so lost. Her sight was going blurry, the walls of fire were caving in on her. She was ready to give up. When the firey wall of torcher fell, it fell directly on her. Then it all went dark. Expect for one triangle. Madison, now alone in the dark starred at her hand. A triangle shape mark on her palm burned through her skin, yet she didnt feel a thing, until...

"OW MY HAND!" Madison jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to rinse her hand. Steam filled the air, almost mist like. She looked at her hand, nothing there but a scar. One wide scar that streched from her pinki to her thumb. What it meant, no one knew.

"Immpossible..." Madison whispered.

Each girl had thier own nightmare. Each un knowing what it meant. Maria falling until she landed on what seemed to be a wind like symbol, her blanket having the same mark. Roseanne drowning, getting deeper and deeper into the ocean, but a C like symbol drained the water. When she awoke her fish tank was emptied. Rebbecca, was trapped in a crystal, falling. Then it rained. Too familar to her mothers. when she awkoe, nothing but the haunting dream.

That day at school everything about these 5 was going to change.

"So then i was like..." Jamie contiued with her story.

Sam looked around her. Not paying much attention to Jamie. Her stopped at a girl. She had burnt red hair and was sitting next to two other people. A boy and a girl. Rebecca knew somone was starring at her. She turned. Sam eyes remained still. Sams, blue narrow eyes struck rebecca. Rebecca had heard about Sam. Sam was sedistci, sarcastic adn your steotypical rocker. Rebecca was well, rebecca.

"Guys, i'll be right back." rebecca walked towards sam.

Sally dazed in confusion glanced at her twin brother mike for support. Nothing.

"Samantha Hale, right?"

"So..." Sam replied

Jamie backed away. "Well would you look at the time, hey sam see you in science!" Jamie ran away.

Sam held back a little. "What!?"

"I couldnt help but notice..." Rebecca stopped talking. She froze. Her head hurt like crazy. Her eyes widened and her skin went ice cold and pale.

Sam felt somthing crawing below her. A bug? A coin? A vine had wrapped around Sams shoe.

"AGH!" Sam yelled jumping away falling to the ground. But it kept following her (the vine that is) "Get away!"

rebbecaa continued to stare blankly into space. Sam finally got up and ran towards a wall.
When sam was away a certin distance the vine stopped, and rebecca came back into the real world.

"Release our own fears. Huh? what?" Rebecca said somthing starnge and had no idea what it meant.

"YOU....YOU......FREAK!" Sam shouted. "I only get a few inches near you and everything goes bizzare!"

"What happened?"

"Dont play dumb with me!?"


"Rebecca Olsen. You have officaly made my i never want to speak to you again list."

Sam thought it might be fun to nudge Rebecca, just a bit. Sam with the palm of her hand nugded her shoulder. But Rebecceas shoulder shocked her. Not your oridinary static, but almost like a neddle pricking her hand.

"Ouch. Your... elctrifying?" Sam backed away into the school. And made her way into the caferteria.

Rebecca put two of her index fingers together and... there it was again.

"gasp! What the? No way!"

When the school day finally ended Rebecca rushed home hoping to get online to reaserch her strange behavior.

"Mom!? MOM!? Hmm... no ones home yet."

rebeccea walked into her parents room to grab the laptop. Just as she reached over to grab it, somthing lit up. In her mothers wardrobe. Rebececa, usually stirring away from danger, found herself oddly attracted to the light. She felt as if it was calling her name. Saying, Rebecca. Rebecca. Rebecca. rebbeca had no control of her own body. She opened the wardrobe where she found a little box, locked behind her mothers picture of her family. The box with no key, opened. Inside, an orb. A pink orb with a silver string tied around it, like a necklace. Rebeccea grabbed it, she analyzed it. Then...

"Im home!" Will said coming through the door. "Rebecca?"

rebeccea snapped out of it and rushed to put everythng back together. She ran across the hall to her room stashing the orb under her bed and slided down the rail to her mother.


"Rebeccea arent we seeming a little jumpy?"

"Wheres Jake?"

"Hes at the mall with some friends."

"And Mellie?"

"Mellie is at a friends house."

"Oh, so just me and you?"

"Yep! For right now."


"Very. What do you want to do? Its friday. How about a movie and popcorn? Dad has to work late."

"yeah that sounds fun. But um... somthing wierd happened at school..."


"To me..."

"Oh! Are you ill?"

"NO! I think. I spaced out then when i came, i guess, 'back' i muttered somthing wierd, like release your fear or somthing like that."


Will was getting worried this wasnt sounding good.

"Last night i had a wierd dream about some orb and rain and falling..."

".......uh huh."

"Then today when i came home.... i ..... um found somthing."

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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Mon 10 Aug 2009, 14:21

I shall continue!

"What edxactly did you find?"


"Tell me, Rebecca."

"mom i swear..."

"this isnt funny!"

"Im just confused."

Will went upstairs to her bedroom. She removed the picture and unlocked the box.

"Where is it?"

"Where is what, mom?"

"You know what im talking about?"

"why is it so important!?"

"It just is, now give it to me Rebecca?"

"What are you hidding?"

"Nothing! Its a family airlum."

"If it is a aritlum i have the right to know aboutnn it"

"When your older."

"Im 14!"


"Mellie is 16, is she old enough? what about jake, hes 18!"

"How did you even get itn out?"

"It opened, by itself."


"You can have it, back."

"Where is it?"

"Under the bed."

"Go get it...."

Rebecca reached under her bed. She went back to the master bedroom and handed it to her mother.


Will walked out, key i hand forgetting the incident. Rebecca followed.

"You know, families dont keep secrets."

"daughters do not disrespect thier mothers."

Somewhere else...

"C'mon. Do it mirror. Change again."



Absolutely nothing.

Sam sighed and put the mirror down.



samnatha ran to the kitchen, sat down and waited. Her twin sisters Rachel and Caitlyn were arguing, as usual.

"Does my hair look better down? Or up?"

"Caitlyn how is that vital in life?"

"Oh rachel! Your just jealous!"

"That I have better hair silly!"


"whats wrong sam?"

"Nothing." Sam responded to Caitlyn.

"You seem so sad..."

"She probrably heard your voice."

"Shut up rachel!"

"You caitlyn."

"Its not my fault your ugly..."


"Thats enough!" Cornelia yelled

Sam picked up her spoon to analyze it. Then... Gasp! A reflection of a girl with long blonde hair, much like a younger version of her mother. Sam dropped the spoon. Above was sams mother.

"Whats worng Sam?"

"Um! Nothing! You know what! Im not hungry! Im going to bed now! Bye!"

Sam ran upstairs.

"Rachel, you need to stop scaring people..."


Sam, i her room starred herself into the mirror.

"Thats not me."

Sam saw what seemed like a younger version of her mother. She gently touched the mirror. Just sliding her fingers across it. The glass shoned green, then morphed sams image into a 'fairy' like form.


Sm yelled and ran for the door. she wiggled the knob. It wouldnt turn. She banged on the door and kicked and screamed. No one was coming. No one could hear her. The walls were caving in. She tried to convince herself it was all a dream. It was no dream. When the walls finally caved in, everything went pitch black.

"He.... hello? Anyone here? Mom? Dad? Rachel, caitlyn?"

A women with a tall slender, yet deathly figure faded from mist and approached Sam. Sam wasnt scared, or at least until she came face to face with her. She had bloddy red eyes that could shoot you down by one glance. Her skin was practically see through and cold as ice. Her finger nails were like blades, her teeth as crooked as boards. Her hair was a variation of dark colors. But the thing that scared Sam the most, was the necklace around her neck. A skull, with empty abyss eyes that changed constanly. Never showing the same thing twice. It was filled with terrible creatures, horrible sounds, panic, loss and death. It was the ultimate nightmare, in one tiny skulls two eyes.

"hello child." She said.

"Madam..." Sam sturtted.

"May i ask your name?"

"sam.Samantha hale. Yours?"



"E-p-i-a-l-e-s. Epiales."

"Wierd name."

"Arent you the artistic one..."

"Your.... intresting...."

"You remind me of myself. DOesnt care what people think about you."

"I dont."

"Sam. You have an, loving beatiful. life. Down there."

"Down, where?"

"Earth silly!"


"Your in the middle right now child. Between earth and the endless sky. The dream realem,"

"You mean..."

"Your dreams our inbetween dear. You want to achive them and you think of them on earth. But some are so far fethed they end up here. Also you must someday achive those dreams. dreams never die sweetie."

"Great, but what does this have to do with me?"

"You dont know who you are?"


"A guardian of the veil."

"A what a what a?"

"Protecter of the magical relam."

"Magic? That only exsists in fairy tales!"

"In others world. But in yours its straight into you."


"Earth. great power over earth!"

"Thats why..."

"Yes. Its been a secret your mother has keeping from you all along."

"she knew!?"

"Why yes."

"But.... no.... what else is she keeping?"

"why lets take a trip. To the past. Your past. From the day you were born to this second."

"My life, looked upon?"

"Yes and after will go to your mothers. Dear you have so much to learn."

Sam went back. Back to her own childhood.

"Kelly will you play with me?" A young sam said at 5 to a girl.

"You? No way! Your too wierd!"

The image dissapered into another.

"Daddy! Daddy! Lookie!" Sam at 7 showed her father a picture she colored.

"Sam. Im busy."

"But daddy!?"


Another image appered.

"Caitly do my hair?" A young sam said.

"Sam your hair is too stringy!"


"sam go play dolls or somthing."

"Im 10! Im too old for dolls!"

"You too small to do big girl stuff."

They pushed sam out of the room and shut the door.

"Mommy will you?"

Cornelia walked right by sam.

Sams clothes chaged and she streched into a 12 year old girl.

"That girl over there..." A girl said.

"Sam?" A boy responded.

"I heard she talks to herself."

"Really? My brother told me that she has like skulls and all these freaked stuff in her room."

"Maybe she was dropped o her head when she was a baby."

"More than once probably!"

Sam grew to 14. Even more bad memories came... Sam was never noticed. She was always the school freak. And she always will be.

"STOP!" She cried out.

"Sam, I had no idea."

"I never belonged, anywhere."

"Sam, i have this plan. That you and me outcasts can join up together."


"You havent even heard my propestion!?"

"I want no part of it!"

"Fine. Go back to the world. The world that hates you."


"Our nightmares sam. There the most powerful thing in the world. They scare us. They consume some of us. Its the only thing that keeps people like you and me alvie. Together sam, we can create a better world. where we belong. where we can believe."

"Me.... belong."

Epiales put her hand out.

"Do we have a deal?"

Sam rose her hand. She touched Epiales fingertips. Cold as ice, sam let her hand slide into Epiales's.


"Good. Sweet dreams, sam."

And just like that, epiales disspered.

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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Fri 14 Aug 2009, 23:20


Sam awoke in a cold sweat. She checked the time. 5:23AM. Sam lay back in her bed. She starred at the wall. Up on her roof was a inscption. Sam stood up on her bed to read it. Sam traced her fingers on the words.

"Be accpected. gain trust amoung, Rebecca, Roseanne, Madison and Maria."

Sam pulled her hand back and the inscrption dissapered. Sam held her hands close to her neck, where a strange string dangled. The same skull necklace Epiales had on. Sam sat back down and waited for the sun to come up. She was suddenly not sleepy.

The next day. Roseanne plopped her box on her bed. Unpacking every item. Her clothes, a plush bear, a picture of her family and a yearbook. Roseanne opened it. No signatures. Roseanne didnt talk much. She liked being quiet. Loud people are abnoxious anyway. Roseanne put the book aside and looked out her window. There sitting on a lawn chair was a girl. She had beatiful dark hair the curled down her neck on to her shoulders. Her atire was somthing Roseanne saw once in a Delicates. A high priced expensive brand. Her family seemed to be moving in to. Two people moving in on the same day. Roseanne stepped outside just to be polite.

"Hello." Roseanne mumbelled.

"Girl? Why Hello! You must be new here to! Im Madison Cook. Im from New York. The big apple. I used to go to this private school, what a drag! Im going to this new school, shiffeild institute? You know it? My parents are movie here. Me too of course." Madison said amd a buzz came from her phone.
"Oh thats haley." Madison exclaimed. "Shes my friend. But shes like 100's of miles away form me! Tragic, isnt it? Anyways I bet we can great friends girl! Girl? Whats your name? Girl?"

"Roseanne Tubbs."

"Lovely! OMG! We should totally get together somtime! Shopping, i love shopping! Oh no, manicure! Maybe we could get ice cream!"

"Madison!" A voice called out inside.

"Well got to go girl. I mean rosie! BYES!" And madison ran inside.

Roseanne now alone, kind of feeling like an idiot.

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*~Dark Crystal Queen~*

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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Sat 12 Sep 2009, 14:37

Do I begin now?
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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Sat 12 Sep 2009, 15:26

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* wrote:
Do I begin now?

WAIT! Im really sorry i havent updated in forver! But like high school is trying to kill me and sports until 6 isnt helping so i have a lot to do feel free to continue but please refrence back to my PM messages i sent you just let me wrap it up at the end. Razz
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The Emperor

The Emperor

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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   Wed 17 Oct 2012, 19:51

My my it's so good you guys should think about finishing it would of loved to see what happened next with Sam and Epiales.
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PostSubject: Re: witch: next generation   

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witch: next generation
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