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 Weird Newscasters #4

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters #4   Sat 19 Sep 2009, 23:56

Here's number four.

Will is the anchor of a news program.

Irma is the co-anchor and she is losing her hair after Uriah put hair removal in her shampoo.

Cornelia is doing the live report she is using for the first time a state of the art car alarm system. Unfortunantly after the first time it keeps going off by itself and has to obey a petition signed by almost the entire city of Heatherfield.

Taranee is doing the sports and she and her entire dance team gets arrested for dancing on a Thursday afternoon.

Hay Lin is doing the weather and she is sleeping on the job after staying up e-mailing her boyfriend Eric.

(News Program Music)
Will: Good Evening welcome to the 5:00 P.M. News I'm your anchor Will Vandom. Our top story, Mr. Wick had to transfer jobs because he couldn't stand the employees no more especially Drew Carey. He is currently working as the new boss for Similtech Industries replacing the retiring Levin Bishop and he just recently fired a few employees named Johnson.

And now we go over to my co-anchor Irma Lair with the other top stories, Irma.
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #4   Sat 26 Jun 2010, 09:51

Irma: Hello, this is Irma, your co-anchor. (sobs) Ugh...I can't do this newscast....
Will(through teeth): Irma, you have to!
Irma: Well, the latest news is that...I'VE LOST PRACTICALLY ALL MY HAIR! (picks up piece of hair) Look at this, it's sick! I'm a freak!
Will: Irma!
Irma: I HATE YOU, URIAH DUNN! But...I also switched your shampoo too! (laughs)
Uriah: (grabs head to see hair is falling)
Irma: HA HA HA! This is sweet revenge, Dunn! Well, I'm off to buy a wig, so let's go to Corny with the Live Report.
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Weird Newscasters #4
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