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 New Year's Resolutions

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PostSubject: New Year's Resolutions   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 11:15

Okay so seeing as it's new year's eve for me right now I wanted to know if any of you are planning on any new year's resolutions/ or have planned and how likely you are to stick to them.

For me I've decided that:

*I'm (somehow) going to finally complete my Duke Of Edinburgh's award, but hey I've got until I'm 24...
*I'm going to revise PROPERLY and not have any last minute cramming.
*I'm also going to save money for university the fact that I've only got two and a half years has just hit home.
*Failing the above, just save some money! (I'm terrible at saving because I save a little and May/June comes along (Seriously there are like seven birthdays and I don't save enough) or Christmas.
*Finally... decide on which college I want to go to... soon! (I've applied to two in the area, the ones that aren't apprenticeship based)... At least I've already chosen the subjects for each one...

So yeah, that's the extent my new year's resolutions go to xD

Have a happy new year everyone n_n
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*~Dark Crystal Queen~*
*~Dark Crystal Queen~*

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PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolutions   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 21:20

~I'm gonna publish my books.
~I will fight till WITCH has more seasons!
~I hope to get a new look.
~I will eat healthier.
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PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolutions   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 23:41

New Year's Resolutions?? I never make any usually. Well, more accurately, I never stick to them XD.

Well, let's see...I have a few this year:
  • Get a job!! - Can't sit on my butt doing nothing all my life (although I wish I could)
  • Try my hardest at Kung-Fu - So I can pass my next grading
  • Loose the weight I put on in 2009 - I gained 1 whole stone (6kg approx.)!! Too much chocolate & not enough exercise XD
  • & like DCQ said, eat more healthily
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PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolutions   Fri 01 Jan 2010, 02:28

New Year's Resolutions you say.....hmmmm i wonder what are those xD LOL

well i don't follow them really,but there are some i would like to do :

1- study hard this year and my next, cuase next year i have bachelor ( which is what i have to do before i get to go to college....depends on my marks i get i will chose my major or something =.=)

2- try to lose waight, ( i am like 60 kg ) ._. .....must...be ....thin =.=

3- ummm....try to have fun at some point ?

thats much about it, i don't have many things to think about, the 1 option is really important so thats what i'm gona do for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolutions   Fri 01 Jan 2010, 21:25


1. Get better grades and apply for one more advance course, im only taking 2 and i get 1.5 credits (oppose to 1 credit for regular classes) for every advance course. I want to get a scholarship and apply to a badass engineering school or film school cause ive always loved cinema

2. Stop dating d**** bags... my mom made this one! She hasnt approved of anyone i dated... she kinda liked hugo until the end of the year dance, then she was pissed

3. Get placed in 100 (4 laps) breast stroke! I know i can do it! im only 5 seconds away from getting that BEATIFUL placement!

4. Try to weigh 110Lb.... beacuse 125Lb apperantly isnt what a swimmer should weigh but i already lost 4Lb so im doing good

5. Get taller magically somehow? Im only 5"5 and im in high school and id like to be 5"7

6. Try to show the world (or at least my school and ppl) that inside im really this loveable teddybear! Beacuse i come off as a cold and sarcastic but get to know me and truly hear me out and you'll find a fun gernous child at heart.

7. Try to shed my emo/scene sterotype... cuz the ppl at skool are pissing me off... who cares if i wear a lot of eye make up and skinny jeans and maybe i enjoy having a bunch of buckle bands on my wrist... that does not mean you freakin stero type... imma gonna tell ur mommy!

8. meet shia labeouf... so we can get married
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PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolutions   

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New Year's Resolutions
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