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PostSubject: WHAT DID YOU DO THIS YEAR!?   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 18:21

Yes in all caps! cuz weathr you liked it or not, 2009 was a year filled with surprises! So how was 2009?

2009 started off good. Everything was good. I was the same old person id always been and not much had changed. Me and roy were over it and life moved on. The secod semester of school meant one thing.... the masquerade dance. The biggest dance of the year. Mid march maybe april i met someone. And i dreamed and fatasized of the day hugo and me would go to the dance together... until he met kayla.... and i creid in the bathroom... luckily i have kick butt friends that love me! the summer was amazing! hugo tried to apoligize and be the better guy but i didnt listen. and this year was my first trip to disney world! it was the greatest trip ever! me and my friend bianca went to art walk every weekend during july and it was just an amazing summer. but i was super sad when farrah faucet and billy mase died. i was shicked when micheal jackson died but when they kept showing it and showing it i had lost all sympathy and was greatly annoyed... school started again and i never knew swimming would build me a family. i love swimming its the only thing that i can say i love. but me and bianca started getting distant. i made so many friends but a lot of enemies too. man was that a day when me and mariana and jessica had that all out verbal war. whatever! im over it and its intresting how ther biology grade lowered... hmmm who put the cheeto in ther fishes bowl? (we had to raise a fish for a week) MUAHAHAHAHAH! DONT MESS WITH ME! and that day in the lunch line... the day alex cut in front of me. thats how i met him. at the time i didnt know how much i would fall for him and how badly i would hurt after it was over. im glad he still likes to hang out with me though. and my birthday was soooooooooo awesome. alexa and sharon and laura gave me one heck of a day! i loved every second! I also had a very beatle christmas! i got beatles rock band! (finally!) now as the year ends i look forward to 2010 and what it has in store for me : )
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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DID YOU DO THIS YEAR!?   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 21:07

I finished typing one of my books, I began writing the 3rd sequel to one of my books, I got my hair cut a little shorter, I met new people, I began a new year of school, I went to a circus & a fair...etc.
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