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 My Edana Fanfic

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PostSubject: My Edana Fanfic   Tue 12 Jan 2010, 09:03

Okay! Here is the first chapter of my OC Edana's story! ^_^

Its a little dark so be warned!

*** I also edited it for language. If you wish to read the original, go here! But be warned; its rated M for a reason!
The Story

Lusting over Fire

Chapter 1

The black void wrapped around the 17 year old girl like an icy blanket. Shivering violently, she closed her body onto itself to try to protect herself from the frigid air, but it didn’t help at all.

Though it was seemingly empty, the blackened area felt like it was filled with the presence of…something. But yet, she felt alone, and cold; just like in the real world. Suddenly, like a bell being tolled, voices by the thousands rang out.


Hearing her name being called, Edana looked around in astonishment, her candy apple red hair moving with her. She shivered once more as the cold pierced her like knives. She thought she was alone, but yet the place felt crowded; like she was surrounded. She listened for the voices once again; maybe they were trying to tell her something.

“Seek it…”They called out.

Now she felt confusion trounce over her curious state. What should she be seeking? She fought viciously to speak, but it felt like her voice was clawing its way out of her throat. Her voice powerless, all she could do was look around. Luckily, the voices weren’t through relaying their message.

“Seek…our warmth.” They called ominously.

Edana almost had her voice freed from its internal prison, but before she could even let out an insignificant squeak, a small spark from an unknown source ignited into a deadly inferno. Edana gasped out in shock, even though the fire was warm, and comforting, but the sudden ignition stunned her.

“Seek our fire….” They commanded.

The fire circled around her, closing in upon her quickly. But this fire felt like it was a part of her, like a familiar friend. She didn’t resist, but instead watched in wonder as thousands of birds flew around her. These birds were peacock sized with scarlet plumage hinted with gold towards the tips of the feathers, and the tail feathers resembled fiery wisps, like those upon a bird of paradise.

The fire finally closed in like a fiery cloak, consuming her. Yet Edana felt nothing except the sheer warmth, and power filled her body, mind and soul. Primal joy and rapture filled her, and Edana threw her head back as a primal scream of bestial, unbridled power ripped through her throat. The voices spoke again, saying with caution,

“You who have inherited our fire heed our warning…”

The fire started waning away, and Edana felt deprived, for the cold slowly wormed its way back in. But the voices’ words struck her. Stunned, she demanded,

“What warning?!”

“The black wind approaches and is heading towards you…” they warned before vanishing.

Upon the voices’ departure, Edana felt like she was falling. Her clothes partially consumed by the previous fire, Edana screamed as she fell into the shadowy realm once again. She landed with a soft noise upon something hard, but as she gathered her thoughts, she shivered violently. With the fire gone, she was cold once again, but she could feel this cold in her very soul.

She exhaled, stunned to see her breath in the form of curled mist. It was frigid; being partially exposed wasn’t helping either. She was really starting to miss the fire. And this time, she felt alone, and helpless.

“Last one…” a new voice said in a soft whisper.

The voice echoed, ebbing away into the void. Edana alerted upon it, but something about it felt dangerous. Not sure what it said, she asked out between violent shivering,


“You are the last one…” it said softly.

Edana felt nervous inside; this new voice was male, but it was cold. It also sounded like he was debating what to do. She was about to ask what he meant, when he spoke again, the cold in his voice more pronounced,

“You are the last one, and you will be mine…”

“Last what?!?!?!” Edana demanded in confusion.

The whole situation felt wrong; not being able to see him made the feeling strengthen. Nerves crept into her thoughts, and alerted panic shone like ice in her blue diamond colored eyes. The cold became unbearable, and Edana swore that blood had become ice in her own veins. The frozen feeling intensified as he said with a tone that cut her seemingly through her soul,


Edana felt a dread replace the confusion; a dread she never felt in her life. It felt constricting, and it caused a slight muscle spasm in her form. Why did his utterance of that single word cause this? As she winced from the anxiety induced pain, his voice spoke again. He said very clearly, his voice no longer a whisper,

“Your fire is power and I want it.” He added as Edana panicked, “I want to make it mine; I want you to be mine…”

Before Edana could reply, a dark shard impaled her. She cried out in shock; it was cold and completely unexpected. More followed its place, hitting her fast and aggressively all over her form; lacerating with the acute precision of a surgeon’s knife. Edana desperately fought off the urge to scream, and all she could do was whisper out,


“Why?” he inquired.

Like a whip, another round of the shards hit her body hard after whistling in the air. A couple of them landed their mark across her knees, and Edana felt the lacerations bleed out in acute pain. It took everything Edana had not to scream and collapse, but the ground looked so much more pleasurable than standing in the pain she was in. Cringing, she whispered,

“It…” after taking a sharp breath, she added, “It hurts…”

Silence briefly echoed with a sweetness Edana almost welcomed. She rejoiced briefly, for he inquired with a tone of sorts she couldn’t make out,

“Will you become mine?”

“I don’t know who the heck you are!!!!!” Edana yelled out in frustration.

That apparently touched a nerve, for the familiar whistle of a shard sounded, and she screamed as it cut through skin and muscle, piercing seemingly bone. Edana panted as she struggled to regain herself from the acute pain that was flooding her senses. The shard’s coldness vanished, but the blood still poured out of the wound like thick, red water. He said with a clearly intrigued tone,

“It’s amazing how you resist your wants of collapsing…It’s also quite impressive. I’ve never seen such strength.” As if satisfied, he added with a pleased purr, “It’s no wonder I’ve been drawn to you…”

Edana was just going to demand what he meant, but even her words were weakened. All she wanted to do, was curl up, and will the pain away. But her pride demanded that she remained standing. So, she indulged it. But just when she thought this whole ordeal was over, a hand gripped her by her hair, tugging her head back with violent force. Edana weakly cried out, but her body was so cut up, she could do nothing. Though she couldn’t see her assailant, she heard him command within her ear,

“Become mine...”

She weakly tried struggling, showing her answer. And much to her terror, a final shard sounded in the air. Edana could only picture in her frightened thoughts the obsidian colored shard; so dark and glossy, yet sharper and more lethal than some blades, and it was heading for her throat.


Edana bolted upright with a shrill scream. She cringed and cried out as agonizing pain flooded her. Looking down at her body, her blue eyes widened at the lacerations upon her. Her bed linens, being purple, bore dark stains from her own blood, and the air reeked with the salty, almost metallic smell. She looked at her wrists, and felt her throat, thanking God neither was wounded. She tried moving her legs, relieved when both disdainfully moved.

But the cuts upon the back of her knees and in her shoulder refused to be ignored, and soon they too began their painful protest. Edana growled, and then groaned in pain. Today was a school day; why couldn’t the dream wait another night???

Realizing that she had no choice, she got up. But she had to wonder why her parents didn’t wake up to her scream. She hobbled to the window, and looked out into the driveway, only to see that both their cars were nowhere to be found.

She sighed with some relief, and then it grew as she looked at her clock; 3:30 AM. She could get ready for another hellacious day at school and change her bed sheets. Her parents would never know.

Grabbing her towel, Edana headed for the bathroom. She took care to clean up any blood that hit the rug, and in the end, she left no trail. She closed the bathroom door, and made sure the curtains and blinds were closed. Satisfied, she stripped out of her clothes, taking care not to brutally hit the lacerations.

She pulled the curtain aside, and turned the water on close to maximum heat. She slipped inside, slightly yelping at how the water stung in the cuts. She breathed heavily, concentrating on ignoring the pain. Eventually, it subsided, and Edana began to get clean.

Thirty minutes passed, and the tranquil silence of the house was disrupted.

“GOD, THAT HURTS!!!” Edana yelled.

She winced and cried out again as she applied the antibiotic cream upon her entire body (except her face, hands and feet), and began wrapping her arms, legs, and stomach in a wrap bandage. By the time she was done, only her wrists, hands, ankles and feet were visible. She cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, wrapped the towel around herself, and walked to her room.

She grabbed her clothes from her bureau once she was inside her room, but she was very deep in thought. Usually, her dreams were never this powerful. She never suffered real wounds, before. She slipped on her black, lace thong, and her matching bra, taking care not to stress the wounds. She put on her black and red, chained, and hip tight Bondage jeans with her barbed wire belt, and put on her red socks.

She grabbed her Victorian corset, but when her wounds seemingly taunted her with the idea of the pain, she placed it back, and went with a baggy Alice Cooper band T shirt. She looked in her mirror, smiling with delight at how she looked. She placed on her spiked collar choker, and her lace, torn fingerless gloves. She grabbed her studded combat boots, placed them on, and gingerly laced them up.

She decided that today wasn’t such a hot idea for a coat, so she left herself alone. She grabbed her backpack, and her MP3 player. She turned it on, happy to see The Beautiful People pop up. She smiled; Marilyn Manson made the day somewhat better.

But as she slipped her headphones on, she winced as the pain returned. She growled under her breath, but as she walked out the door, she had to wonder yet again about that dream. All she could ask herself was this.

Who was that man? And what did he mean?
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PostSubject: Re: My Edana Fanfic   Tue 12 Jan 2010, 19:06

Cool!! I liked it, especially the way you described the black shard bit & the pain she was in ^^.

With an interesting opening like this, I can't help but think that the rest of this story is going to be great Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: My Edana Fanfic   Wed 20 Jan 2010, 07:39

ya its rally nice and your writing has improved lot. i like the way you described everything, from her feelings till the end. i look forward for the next chapter. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: My Edana Fanfic   Wed 20 Jan 2010, 11:27

Ok chapter two has to be halved...lol its too long for one post!

Chapter 2

Dawn was creeping into the air, her rosy touch painting the canvas once called night with the hues of red, gold, and yellow into the inky sky. Amongst the tame crowds in the streets of Heatherfield, Edana Johnson stood out. She had been wandering the town for one hour, looking for something to sketch. Her sketchbook was already in her hands, along with a stick of graphite and eraser.

She had tried the café, but nothing interested her there. Her wanderings also took her to the docks, but not even the battering waves and birds offered her a good drawing. She sighed angrily; every time she had these dreams, nothing would interest her. She caught sight of a bench, and sat down. Compelled, and slightly agitated, she flipped through her sketchbook.

The pages were littered with dark sketches; sketches of medieval structures that were beautiful and sinister. A garden that was filled to the brim with roses, clematis vines, passion flowers, and several other exotic and rare plants demanding its perfection to be viewed graced the pages as well. But yet looking at the sketches, one had to wonder about the sinister shadows in the drawings that were replicated with shading. It felt like someone was watching, yet no one was present.

The last couple of pages before the blank, virgin sheets were alive with the sketches of people. And just like the previous ones, they too held a sinister quality. Whether or not it was the shading, the most sinister look came from the subject’s very eyes. This was particularly in the very last page, which held the most detailed sketch of them all.

Edana briefly gazed into the drawing in front of her, hoping that unlike so many other times, she would not become transfixed. Gazing back at her from the paper was a stunning man, possibly in his early twenties physically, with luxurious floor length wheat blonde hair that had a braid cascading down from each side of his head, framing his chiseled face. Underneath his void black robes that were slightly fit to him, was a slim, yet strong frame that must have resembled carved stone.

But within his slightly almond shaped eyes, the slate, almost sea green color gleamed with a pride, and an unsatisfied hunger. His eyes too held a sinister quality and looked to be ancient, yet they still lured her gaze to them, and she felt like she was drinking in their warmth. She wrenched her gaze away, though inside she felt like she was tearing her own heart out. She growled; this was just a drawing! A dream; a figment of her imagination! It shouldn’t have any relevant effect on her! But she had to wonder why it did as she closed her sketchbook.

She felt the breeze gently move her hair, and smiled. Though she was always alone, and without friends, she was glad she was able to enjoy the simple feeling of nature and what it offered. But these dreams, the ones that were haunting her every night, were becoming more vivid, and last night’s was more violent than the ones it followed.

Usually, she would just draw out the nightmarish realm. But soon that wasn’t satisfying enough. There were some nights she was terrified to go to sleep. But those birds…they were new. She had never seen them before, but yet they looked familiar, like a tune of a remembered lullaby that had been long forgotten.

Six o’clock tolled into the noise infested air with a strange clarity, and Edana sighed. It was time to head to school, even though she’d rather commit suicide than step through those doors. The wind picked up, and slightly stung the cuts through the bandages, making her wince and lightly hiss in pain. She wanted to go home, curl up under her blankets, and will the pain to stop. But she was too close to the school to turn away, and she couldn’t really afford to run into the truancy officer, even though she knew more rat runs than Uriah Dunn.

But then again, she had more experience than Uriah ever would.

With an aggravated growl and a kick at a rock, Edana walked to the gates of her personal hell. Looking up at the green painted curly, vine like iron gates, she had to chuckle bitterly. She knew why Sheffield Institute was the bane of her existence, but she had to wonder why she didn’t attempt to change it. Another chuckle escaped her; she had tried to change it. But every time she did, one person was always there to make sure nothing went right.

Cornelia Hale... she whispered venomously in her thoughts.

She looked at her watch; in a half hour, people would be coming. She wanted to enjoy the quiet for as long as it would last, so she sat in front of the stone wall that supported the gate. Looking at nothing in particular, she leaned back slightly, wincing at the wounds’ painful protest of the cold, and waited.


The crowds of disdainful teenagers, and tweens were en masse to the gates. Some stood at the gates to socialize, while others stood there to wait for friends so they could walk to class. One girl in particular stood towards the other half of the wall, and she had a patient, yet searching gaze in her face and eyes.

She had wheat colored hair that was up to her chin, within the exception of the two long braids in the front close to her ears. She was dressed conservatively, with a knee high, amethyst skirt over black leggings, and a red sweater. Her warm slate eyes were searching for seemingly anyone to talk to. Her gaze met the side of Edana’s face. She had always wanted to talk to her, for Edana always acted strong, defiant, and unbridled. Plus, she too was an artist, and Edana’s sketches were always appealing! She was just working up the courage to approach Edana when a voice yelled out,


The girl apparently called Elyon and Edana looked in the direction of the voice. Running towards Elyon was a curvy girl with wavy brunette hair, green eyes, and was dressed a little bit more rebelliously than Elyon. Elyon smiled, but she looked back at Edana; she would try again later. Elyon ran up to the girl, replying with a happy smile,

“Hey Irma!”

Irma grinned. She and Elyon had been friends since toddler years. And Elyon wasn’t a bad person either! She asked Elyon with the same grin upon her face,

“What’s up?”

“Ah, nothing much! Just waiting for you or Cornelia!” Elyon responded.

Irma’s gaze faltered past Elyon’s face to Edana. Her eyes widened as she saw the bandages that were somewhat stained with patches of red upon Edana’s arms. She couldn’t help but stare. Elyon, curious as to what Irma was looking at, followed her gaze, only to have her eyes widen in shock at the bandages as well.

“What’s with Edana?” Irma asked quietly.

“It looks like she’s really banged up…Maybe she got into an accident.” Elyon whispered.

“Knowing her, it was probably a fight!” Irma whispered back skeptically.

Elyon’s eyes narrowed slightly as she thought. Irma was right about that; Edana was known to be a bit of a rowdy. In some cases, she was worse than Uriah. But, she also was considered an outcast; a crazy, and even inhuman. Was that why Elyon wanted to talk to her so badly? Was it because Edana lived in defiance of social authority? Or was it a strange form of envy? And those wounds; were they really from a fight? She wanted to find out. Not because to start a gossip train, but to satisfy her overbearing curiosity.

“Let’s go ask!” Elyon whispered calmly.

She started forward, but Irma’s hesitancy made her stop. She looked back at Irma, who was looking extremely cautious, like she was approaching a wild animal. Elyon raised an eyebrow, and asked with a curious tone,

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know if we should....” Irma stated with a pause, and then added with a question, “I mean, what if Cornelia sees us??”

Elyon wanted to roll her eyes, but Irma brought up yet another valid point. Cornelia hated Edana with a passion. Though she didn’t know Cornelia’s reasons, Cornelia loathed the red head from sixth grade. And Elyon didn’t- actually, she and everyone for that matter knew why.

Edana refused to be controlled; plain and simple.

“Are you only being nice to Cornelia because she hasn’t found out about you causing her chemistry compound to epically fail?” Elyon asked with a grin.

“Shhh!” Irma hissed, and added, “She can’t know that!!”

Elyon laughed, but Edana, who had felt Elyon’s curiosity, felt nervous. Elyon had somewhat intrigued her as well, but she wasn’t the type to start things; well, when it came to socializing. She started to walk away, when a familiar drawl sounded in the air, setting her nerves on end.

“What brings you ladies here?”

A girl with a willowy build, long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a sophisticated outfit that screamed highly priced stopped her bike. Edana knew full well who she was; this was Cornelia Hale, the very girl who made life unbearable.

“Hey Cornelia!” Irma greeted. Looking back at Edana, she replied, “Trying to figure out who fought Edana with the knife! She’s literally looking like she’s from The Mummy!”

Cornelia’s eyes shifted to Edana, who had her back turned away. She smirked surreptitiously; so Edana got into yet another fight? She was the type, though. And she was about to make her life Hell for it. Smiling, she said quite loudly, enough for even Uriah Dunn to hear,

“Well; once an alley cat, always an alley cat! What else can you expect from Edana Johnson?”

Edana tensed up; this time, she couldn’t—no, she wouldn’t, hold back her temper. Whirling, she glared blue hellfire at Cornelia, and snapped in a venomous tone,

“Maybe, you can stop invading my privacy, bitch!”

Cornelia’s eyes flared upon the insult, but she was somewhat used to it. However, Edana never usually responded to her insults. She smirked, and said back in a cool, yet cutting tone,

“Speak of the devil.” Looking at Edana’s outfit with disgust, she asked, “And why should I stop?”

“Because it’s really none of anyone’s concern! Especially yours!” Edana retorted in a snap.

“Harsh words…for a nobody.” Cornelia said, trying to egg her on.

Edana felt her fire want to escape, but it took everything she had not to incinerate the blonde. Elyon and Irma just stood, watching. They didn’t dare interfere in this; Cornelia would kill them. Edana knew she was goading her, but she decided to see if the bitch would step to her.

“What, you gonna do something about it?!” She demanded with a smirk.

Cornelia reflected one thing in her eyes Edana picked up; fear. Cornelia knew Edana was considered to be a decent fighter, but would she really turn down a challenge? Especially a challenge to her pride, and capabilities? Cornelia felt her rage go through her voice, and spat out,

“Honestly, I don’t want to break a nail kicking your ass!”

Edana laughed coldly; she’d let Cornelia live her delusions this time, and this time only. Smirking, she said as she looked Cornelia in the eyes, showing the blonde she knew she was bluffing,

“That’s what I thought you blonde haired puss!”

Cornelia felt outrage; Edana was going too far! She watched with live fury as Edana started to walk away. She was briefly silent, until a rage filled comment escaped her throat. She yelled back with an angered expression,

“Typical alley cat!”

Edana smiled as she turned back. She looked Cornelia up and down, and chuckled. Cornelia knew what she was doing, and it made the rage grow. Edana was telling her quite frankly, ‘You’re not worth my time’, and the expression upon her face made Cornelia livid, especially when she added,

“Someone needs to work on their insults, because I’m not the whore here!”

Smiling at Cornelia’s rage, and silence, Edana spun on a heel, and walked away. Uriah Dunn, a boy with orange hair, and a face that puberty apparently didn’t like, walked up, watching Edana walk away with an awestruck smile. He knew Edana had it in her, but damn, she had a razor sharp tongue! He looked at Cornelia’s rigid form, whistled shrilly, and said with a chuckle,

“Daaaaaamn Cornelia, she nailed you to the wall!”

“Shut up, you prick!” Cornelia snapped in rage.

Elyon and Irma, sensing that Cornelia really needed some alone time, quietly walked away from the livid blonde, hoping she would calm down. Uriah, however walked off with one more snide remark before disappearing.

“Oooh, the prom queen got burnt! Wait ‘til I tell the others!” Uriah said gleefully.

After Uriah, and eventually Cornelia, left the gates, the bell signaling the first class rang. With the courtyards, the schoolyard, and the gates empty and silent, it felt like a ghost town outside Sheffield Institute. A breeze gently wafted by, but it also harbored a warning, for in another plain of existence, someone had an interested eye on Earth.
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love it
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That was good, you should sign up or something and post more Wink.
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My Edana Fanfic
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