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 Times when you should NOT say the word "Fire"

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PostSubject: Times when you should NOT say the word "Fire"   Sun 04 Jul 2010, 00:25

Give me examples of times when you should NOT say the word "Fire." (Make sure they're appropriate)

Irma: Who's the new girl?

Hay Lin: Oh that's Fire.

Irma: Whom?

Hay Lin: Fire FIRE!

(Janitor pulls the Fire Alarm it goes off and Irma and Hay Lin leaves)

Hay Lin: Oops!

Another one:

Beth: Okay girls, when Corny comes out let her have it on my signal.
Emily: What signal.
Courtney: Fire you ninny.
(The girls throws water balloons at the Grumpers)
Beth: NOT US!
Cornelia: Grumpers you're all wet.

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PostSubject: Re: Times when you should NOT say the word "Fire"   Sun 28 Oct 2012, 08:00

So your supposed to use a quote from the series/comic where one of the characters uses another word other than fire scratch.
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Times when you should NOT say the word "Fire"
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