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 operation WITCH >season 3<

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cornelia's #1 fan
cornelia's #1 fan

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PostSubject: operation WITCH >season 3<   Sat 07 Aug 2010, 23:49

WITCH's popularity have increased a lot, so we must get this chance and a do everything we can to save WITCH, get 3rd season, and keep on going.
i found some sites where we can sign a petition to save , withc, and another one where we get disney's address to mail them.


and if anyone get some news, anything about witch update of season 3 plz plz
say it, cause the future of the show depends on all of the witch fans, and we must take
this chance and do everything we can to save WITCH
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PostSubject: Re: operation WITCH >season 3<   Thu 21 Jul 2011, 16:42

there is a site www.savedisneyshows.org they have a WITCH page they have all the info for disney we can call, email, mail them abt y they should continue WITCH
btw i <3 ur location Cornelia's #1 fan lollolol me2

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The Emperor

The Emperor

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PostSubject: Re: operation WITCH >season 3<   Tue 16 Oct 2012, 04:09

Yes is it a good cause I love W.I.T.CH. it's be far my favorite show of all time I never it everyday I started the day with it after I'm done here today I'm going to watch at least 5 episodes like yesterday. W.I.T.C.H. forever Cool!!!
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PostSubject: Re: operation WITCH >season 3<   

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operation WITCH >season 3<
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