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 Game reviews

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PostSubject: Game reviews   Sun 06 Mar 2011, 13:11

Here is a thread I thought we could all post our game reviws on Razz
Anyhow this is my review:

This review is on the gameboy advance ( can also play on nintendo ds) game of W.I.T.C.H.!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy yay! anyhow... Smile

Light review:

Basically, this is a platform game, where you get to play as the five gaurdiens, elyon and caleb, you get to use all their powers to try and stop phobos, there are over 26 levels to complete. I think this is based on the TV series instead of the comic, because they can ALL fly (instead of just hay lin) Hay lin is wearing tights (that she dosent do in the comic) and blunk, who does not appear in the comic, is in it.

In-depth review: Warning! contains spoilers.

It starts off as Hay lin has a vision of elyon who has five stones with the gaurdiens symbols on it... meanwhile caleb escapes a prison in meridien and fights past cedric to get to the portal, out of nowhere he jumps out in front of the gaurdiens and gives them some stones before cedric grabs him and takes him back to meridien, Hay lin recognises the stones as the ones in her dream, but blunk goes and trades them! Irma, taranee, Cornelia and Hay lin have to go and get them back, this is where you learn all the special powers and stuff... meanwhile... Will is left behind to see if anything goes wrong, which it does! back in meridien, phobos tricks elyon to open portals all over heatherfield! Will goes and shuts down some (wills tutorial) but at that point, the rest of the gaurdiens turn up! together they shut all of the portals and then go and see elyon to try to explain, tricked by phobos, elyon turns on her friends and casts a spell on will, the others have to get her the the infinete city where the mage heals her, then they go to kick phobos's butt! Caleb finds out that the stones are FAKE and has to tell them, but when he reaches the city, they are gone! the gaurdiens reach phobos's castle but he has elyon in a trap! they manage to fight back but phobos traps them! while they are fighting, caleb comes and releases elyon, who then traps phobos and releases the gaurdiens! end.

I got a likkle carried away there What a Face
Anyway, I suggest looking for it on ebay or amazon.
Any other reviews?
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PostSubject: Re: Game reviews   Fri 19 Oct 2012, 08:49

I remember that game Shocked.
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Game reviews
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