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 Weird Newscasters #6

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters #6   Mon 28 Nov 2011, 14:54

Here's another one.

This time Stephen is the News Anchor of a News Program.

Irma is the co-anchor she has a suspicion that Stephen is cheating on her with the camerawoman exactly her age and Irma Beats her up.

Cornelia is doing the Live Report and she gets caught being Tardy during figure skating class and is been givin 50 laps for it.

Taranee is doing the sports and cannot stand listening to her brother's guitar playing so she breaks it and everyone is happy out it.

Hay Lin is doing the Weather and its similar to Irma's but this time the whole restaurant goes into the fight after both the Grumpers kiss Eric in the cheek.

I'll start:
Hello folks I'm Stephen with the News, our top story today most of the teen girls was forced to stop protesting at the mall by the police. Most of the girls were protesting after the Hales bought all of the designer shoes.

It seems Irma is very angry lets go over to Irma to figure out why Irma.

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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   Wed 14 Dec 2011, 04:09

Irma: You want to know why Stephen. WHY?

(Irma goes to the cameras)

Irma: Excuse Me, Tom

(Irma removes sunglasses and turns out to be Penelope)

Irma: A-HA!

Penelope The Camerawoman: Look I can explain. I thought he was cute.

Irma: Did you know that he was with me?

Penelope: Um, No but I gave him a smooch.

Irma: Really?

Penelope:That's All

(Irma Gets Steamed and calms down)

Stephen: Uh-Oh Folks let's go over to Cornelia.


(Stephen with a Shocked look in his face)

Irma: Penelope Follow me.

Penelope: Where Are we Going?

Irma: Ladies Room.

Penelope: I Don't have to go at this moment.

Irma: Let's just say you need some make up.

(Irma Grabs Penelope by the arm and heads to the ladies room and Irma Balls her Fist)

Penelope: Again my Make up is in the locker.

Irma: You don't need it.

Penelope: What do you mean? IRMA UNBALL THAT FIST?

(Irma Begins Beating Penelope up. Penelope leaves the bathroom but Irma grabs her shirt and puts her back in and beats her up again, the Beating is over and Irma leaves.)

Irma (covers Stephen's Mouth): This just in... Anybody help her out of the ladies room including the producer will get the same treatment (Irma Cracks her Fist).

Stephen: This just in, do what Irma Says.

(Irma Smooches Stephen)

Stephen: And now we go over to the live report with Cornelia Hale and Cornelia what are you doing?
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   Sat 17 Dec 2011, 23:46

Cornelia: *crawling on the floor on hands and knees and talking in a whispery voice* Hi, it's Cornelia. If you're wondering why I'm whispering, it's because I'm tardy to my figure skating class. *peeks out to see teacher instructing class already and ducks again* Let's just say Ms. Wrender isn't happy with tardy students.
Tom the Cameraman: Why am I crawling too?
Cornelia: Because my teacher will kill me, that's why!
Tom: *smacks into creaky table*
Cornelia: THANKS TOM!
Ms. Wrender: Cornelia Hale, are you hiding from me?
Cornelia: *stands* No, not at all, just taking a stylish approach to my figure skating class entrances...
Ms. Wrender: 50 laps. NOW.
Cornelia: 50 laps? C'mon, I just got a pedicure for goodness sakes!
Ms. Wrender: I don't care, do it.
Cornelia: Well, while I'm off doing 50 laps of figure skating, let's go to Tara. How's Peter's guitar playing? *cringes*
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   Sun 18 Dec 2011, 07:02

Taranee: Well It's really loud.


Taranee: WHAT?

Theresa: I SAID!

(Peter Plays a Loud Note)

Taranee: Alright I had enough

(Taranee comes to Peter's Room furiously and takes his guitar and smashes it)

Peter: My Guitar! :-(

(Everybody Cheers for Taranee and lifts her up)

Taranee: Well as the celebration continues let's go over to Hay Lin with the weather. Hay Lin, how's the restaurant.
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   Tue 03 Jan 2012, 14:43

Hay Lin: Yeah, alright Tara! I mean, I'm sorry Peter. Smile The weather's so beautiful right now. It's 40 degrees out and sunny.
Chen: Um, Hay Lin...
Hay Lin: Not right now, dad...I'm reporting the weather.
Chen: Your boyfriend's being kissed by the Grumper sisters!
Hay Lin: WHAT?!? *turns to see Bess & Courtney kissing Eric on both his cheeks*
Eric: Help! Shocked
Hay Lin: *punches both girls off him* He's mine, back off!
Grumper sisters' parents: How dare you hit our little girls!
Hay Lin: *runs, knocking down tables and smacking into people along the way*
*Everyone begins fighting and pushing*
Chen: Can't I ever have a good day at this restaurant?
Hay Lin: *under a table, hiding* While I'm escaping the wrath of the Grumper family, it's back to you, Irma! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   Thu 05 Jan 2012, 19:35

Irma: This Just In, You Go Girl!
(Irma Cuddling Stephen)

Stehphen: Well folks that concludes the news for this evening, join us again @ 11:15 for more news Good Night.
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Newscasters #6   

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Weird Newscasters #6
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