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 Weird Newscasters Holiday Edition

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters Holiday Edition   Sun 04 Dec 2011, 00:26

This is the holiday edition of Weird Newscasters.

Here's the People

Irma is the anchor of the News Program

Christopher is her co-anchor and he is trying to convince Santa that Irma was a bad girl this year.

Cornelia is doing the live report and she, The Grumper Sisters and many, many, many other customers get into a brawl over designer shoes that is popular, but they get even with Will for buying them.

Taranee is doing the weather and she gives us why she is Snowball Queen 2011 but her reign is short lived after hitting her mother with one and gets severely grounded.

Hay Lin is doing the weather and she goes snowboarding with Eric but she lands on the tree and figured out that the snowboard was recalled and chases Eric.

I'll start

(News Music)
Hi I'm Irma with the News, our top story of the news. (Chris puts his hand on Irma's mouth)

Chris: My sister said I had a very bad hair day, covered me in soap, said I was being bad during Halloween, and put very cold water in my bathtub. Please Santa give Irma a bunch of coal.

Irma: This Just in Never invite your little brother to the news broadcast. And it looks like people in the Heatherfield Mall trying to buy the top gifts this year, and Cornelia is trying to be one of them let's go over to Cornelia with the live report.

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Weird Newscasters Holiday Edition
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