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 Weird Newscasters #7

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters #7   Sun 18 Dec 2011, 07:20

Here's Number seven.

Matt is anchoring a News Program.

Will is his Co-Anchor and she is about to get a call by Phone from her furious mother after she found out that Will hid her flunking Mid Term paper in the Trash Compactor.

Cornelia is doing the live report and she and Elizabeth cannot stand Harold's very loud snoring.

Taranee is doing the sports and she and her mother are setting a bunch of mouse traps, just to be sprung on them by a very cleaver mouse.

Hay Lin is doing the weather and she is going to try to be funnier then Irma but it gets short lived when the prank gets Mr. Horseberg and she gets ear dragged to detention.

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Weird Newscasters #7
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