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 Weird Newscasters #9

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters #9   Thu 26 Apr 2012, 06:23

Here's number nine.

Irma is doing a news broadcast.

Will is the co-anchor and all the people are in a brawl after another opponent pushed her, Mandy and Nelly into the pool.

Lillian is doing the live report and she thinks she's cutting the hair of a somewhat Barbie doll but all of the sudden it turns out to be a voodoo doll of Cornelia.

Taranee is doing the Sports: She is playing baseball with her brother but when she hit the ball the ball goes to her next door neighbor's Pitbull and they go into hiding.

Hay Lin is about to do the weather and she is sleeping on the job and everyone on the news crew is desperately trying to wake her up.

I'll start:

(News Program)
Irma: Welcome to the 11:45 news I'm your anchor Irma Lair, our top story of the news 40 policemen apprehend a gunmen for robbing a donut store. The cashier was scared buy when the robber was about to get the money forty guns appeared and he got arrested. That's what you get for robbing a donut store.

Now to the happy news today is the finals of the swim meet now we go over to my co-anchor Will Vandom. Will....
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Weird Newscasters #9
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