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 Weird Newscasters Olympic Edition

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PostSubject: Weird Newscasters Olympic Edition   Sun 01 Jul 2012, 15:16

Hey since the 2012 Olympics are coming this is the Olympic Edition.

Here's the people:

Will is the anchor of a News Program.

Irma is her co-anchor and she gets distracted by We's 100m Dash but it turns out to be Ew chasing him just for a kiss. (100M)

Cornelia is doing the live report and she gets scolded for being disqualified by her team for performing an illegal move. (Figure Skating)

Taranee is doing the sports and she kicks the soccer ball so hard the ball the ball not only goes through the window but hits her father on the head. (Soccer)

Hay Lin is doing the weather and she is about to box the Grumpers again for kissing Eric again. (Boxing)

I'll start...

(News Program Music)

Hey everybody welcome to the Olympic edition of the news. Our top story of the news everybody is being prepared for the Olympics. Including many Heatherfieldians heading to London. And now for the rest of the story we go over to my co-anchor Irma. Irma what's the sitch...
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Weird Newscasters Olympic Edition
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