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 Heatherfield Director #1

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PostSubject: Heatherfield Director #1   Mon 06 Apr 2009, 13:21

On "Whose Line is it Anyway?" they had a game entitled "Hollywood Director". After they do the scene Colin interrupts the scene by saying cut and he gets notes on how to improve the scene. Well sense this is W.I.T.C.H. I decided to call it "Heatherfield Director". Irma is the director of a little film and the others are the actors and/or actresses.

The Scene is when Hay Lin is collecting tips she sees theif Cornelia taking food from the back of the restaurant. Taranee is the policewoman that was called on duty.

Hay Lin (Singing): I'm in the Money, I'm in the Money. (Stops singing and sees Cornelia taking the food from the back.) HEY WAIT A MINUTE.

Cornelia (With a Roll in her Mouth): Yes.
Hay Lin: Just what on Earth are you doing in the kitchen?
Cornelia: Just, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh moving some food that's all.
Hay Lin: You've just sit down a moment let me just get the police. (Hay Lin phones the police and gives the phone to Cornelia then Taranee arrives with a can of mace.)

Taranee: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! (Taranee sprays Hay Lin with mace.)
Taranee: Shut up, I knew it was you young lady.
Hay Lin: (Crying) It's wasn't me it was her with the phone.
Cornelia: Don't blame me here girl who's holding the phone here.
Irma: CUT, CUT, CUT, CUT, (Throws a glass of water on the floor) CUT!
(Everybody stops acting.)
Irma: I do believe it was Sailor Moon once said "In the name of the Moon that was CRAP!!"

Irma: It needs a little something, do it like someone put itching powder on your clothes. ACTION!
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PostSubject: Re: Heatherfield Director #1   Mon 06 Apr 2009, 13:22

Trivia u rule!
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Heatherfield Director #1
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