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 whose the best couple? :]

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whose the best couple? :] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: whose the best couple? :]   whose the best couple? :] - Page 2 EmptyMon 28 Nov 2011, 00:21

witch_girl_forever wrote:
Cornelia and Caleb..... it wasnt meant to be, and never can be together but thats whats so awesome about it. Its completly out of the ordinary. Usually couples meant not to be find a way somehow, but not corny and caleb. NOPE! Completly not together. They never did get back or anything, it just ended. Not that im happy, but i love unexpected stuff like that. And Caleb and Elyon? Didnt see that one coming. But corny and Peter? Makes me angry. Bcuz you knew it was going to happen. Boring.
Will and Matt are just to cliche. I mean it was your typical girl likes boy, boy likes girl. Nothing really EXCITING! Caleb turned into a flower... didnt see that one coming either.
Taranee and Nigel (was that his name?) were cute. Bad boy, goody girl.
Irma and Joel was also to expected. Martin and Irma are too cute. I hope it happens. Hay Lin and Eric is also nice, but i getbored with it. Even though ther seperated. Its not the same as LITERALY BEING WORLDS APART like Cornelia and Caleb.


This is obviously a VERY LATE reply XD. But I was totally lurking my peepz.
Cornelia and Caleb were together in the anime, and though they annoyed each other, they were well tolerated. In the manga Caleb was way more of a jerk, he didn't like cornelia because he thought she was too young, by her appearance, which was extremely shallow by my expectations. >.> I prefer them in the anime anyways. D: woot!
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whose the best couple? :] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: whose the best couple? :]   whose the best couple? :] - Page 2 EmptySun 14 Oct 2012, 20:12

Ok firstly I don't keep up with the comics so plz keep that in mind lol. With that said I'm going with the safe pick, just because I know they are a stable couple, Will and Matt would have to be the best couple to me and probably Taranee and Nigel since they seem to also be a couple on the rise as well again I'm bases my opinions on the series not the comics Smile.
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whose the best couple? :]
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