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 W.I.T.C.H. the next generation

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PostSubject: W.I.T.C.H. the next generation   Thu 10 Feb 2011, 17:43

okay so b4 i start this is a project i want to know how you feel. i've rejected and put off for ever. i started it with the old site but i did not finish it! but im finally planning on starting it again. i changed my name back to with girl forever so hopefully you'll reconize the story :p so how do you (the audience) feel about a fanfictoin about the next generation of guardians?
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.T.C.H. the next generation   Sat 12 Feb 2011, 07:46

Fine by me wgf ^_^. Go for it!!
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.T.C.H. the next generation   Sat 12 Feb 2011, 21:53

I'm doing it anyway! BTW: Its written in script form because i'm planning on sending this off with my portfoilio depending on my feedback this gets. Yup i'm strating to plan for college. I want to go to art school and study film. Anyways this is going to be apart of my portfolio along with this animated short I made. here I go Smile oh it goes with the show's versin simply because cornelia and caleb end up together Smile

Episode 1: Once Upon a Time....

(We see the auroas circling with neutral pink colors. They stop. A elderly woman approaches them. She smiles. This woman is Yan Lin. The auroas change colors until finally they shoot up a light into the air passing the celing. They create the signs of the elements.)

Yan Lin: So it begins....

(Lights off and come back on and zoom in on a red car.)

Will: Now call me if anything goes wrong or you need somehting or just want to hear mommy's voice.

Rebecca: I'm fifteen.

Will: And sleep with your boo boo.

Rebecca: Thats an unmentionable and what was just discussed here doesnt leave these walls.

Will: (laughs)

(Scene transitions to a air plane and zooms in on a family. The older woman being Hay Lin, the man being Eric and the young girl in the middle is Marieand music begins to play music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4a8QtvOkBQ .)

Hay Lin: (Looks out window) Heatherfield! Look Marie! This is where I grew up! I cant wait to see how things have changed. What do you think Marie? Marie?

Marie: (Fast asleep and snores.)

(We zoom into heatherfield where a family begins to move into a house. A older woman, this is Irma, a man, this is Martin. A boy around 18 skates on teh sidewalk and runs into a girl his age which is his twin sister, they are Melony and Jared. A girl trips over them both. This is Rose. We pass thorugh cars and lights and streets until we go up into a apartment complex where a doorman greets a young girl, this is Madison. Beside her is her mother, taranee.)

Madison: Out of all the places your job could transfer you they choose hell field.

Taranee: Heatherfield.

Madison: Whatever

Taranee: Can you at leaset make some kind of effort to be like this palce.

Madison: What do you mean? I'm enjoying myself!

taranee: Really?

Madison: yes, I just went shopping.

Taranee: (Rolls eyes.)

(We go over to left and keep moving left until we reach a house and go inside.)

Cornelia: (bangs on door) Get out here now

Sam: I dont want to go school shopping

Cornelia: its freshman year you cant go in wearing the same thing you wore last year.

Sam: I'll take my chances.

Cornelia: Samantha Hale!

Sam: Take Jordan!

Cornelia: Like a good child we already went yesterday!

Sam: Take him again.

Caleb: (Walks upstaris) Sam please go! Please please make your mother stop yelling...

Cornelia: Excuse me?!

(Scene transitions to a closed door. The dorr opens and we see Will and Rebecca. The music stops here.)

Will: Hello Matt.

Matt: Rebecca!

rebecca: Hi dad.

Will: She starts school tommorow. That means you have to get up Matt and take her. Which means you have to pick her up.

MAtt: She is my daughter.

Will: Yes, she is, Rebecca. remember her? My daughter!

Matt: Not this again!

Will: Again? I think you mean ten years Matt!

Matt: And five self loath!

Will: Well when you decide that -

Rebecca: Okay! Bye mom! See you in six months month! I love you! (closes door)

Matt: So...

Rebecca: (sighs) School starts at 8:15. Ends at 4.

MAtt: Right so until then you want to catch a movie or something?

Rebecca: I have things to do.

MAtt: Like what? You've been here for ten minutes.

Rebecca: And I have things to do... (leaves and enters a room. She collapses on bed and sighs) Ten minutes too long.

(The day trasitiosn to shiefflield school where we begin at Sam who is opening her locker.)

Nikki: How was the summer?

Sam: Boring... dull... un eventful.....

NIkki: Well mine was.... wow... im at a loss for words.

Sam: (Laughs)

Madison: (Walking bumps into Sam) Oh sorry.

Sam: It's fine.... (Rubs arm)

Madison: See you aruond?

Nikki: (Looks at paper in Madison's hand) Cheerleading try outs?

Sam: So your one of those people?

Madinson: And yuor one of those people who lock themselves in their closets and listen to ear bleeding music I presume?

Sam: Judgemental too! I think Julie would be honored to have a concited discreminative barbie like you.

Madison: Oh im not Barbie, I have princess curls and im a burnett. I'm the better looking sister that was taken off the shelf because I was priceless. (Continues to walk forward.)

Nikki: Gross.

Sam: (Grunts teeth)

Nikki: You know if you let your hair grow out -

Sam: I'd look like my mom I know

Nikki: I was going to say Barbie.

Sam: Do you really want to make me anry?

(We enter a nearby classroom where Marie is sitting and Rose enters.)

Rose: (Sits by Marie.) I'm Rose i'm new.

Marie: Marie. Also new.

Ms. Skylar: (Enters) Hello chemistry class. My name is Orube Skylar. Please call me ms. skylar. Now let's start the year with a expirment. Now take the tongs and gently lift the test tube like so. Next have your partner turn the gas on to heat your substance. Judinging by the reaction name the substance in the tube and the new substance after the reactoin.

(Marie and Rose fight over the test tube and who holds it. They argue and show everything but team work. FInally the tube falls and shatters.)

Marie: It was her!

Rose: It was her!

MArie: Scince is my fave subject i know how to do reactions.

Rose: Maybe you should focus more on english, since fave isnt a word.

Marie: How would you like that burner up your -

Ms. Skylar: GIRLS! Please!

(Outside the classroom Rebecca searches for her class)

Sam: Lost?

Rebecca: Yeah

Sam: New?

Rebecca: Yeah

Sam: Know any other words

Rebecca: Yeah, hey!

Sam: Is for horses.

Rebecca: (Grunts and continues to walk)

Sam: Last class on left by the way.

Rebecca: (enters room) Hello, I'm Rebecca Olsen.

Ms. Skylar: Rebecca?

Rebecca: My dad dropped me off late.

Ms. Skylar: Okay Rebecca how about you have a seat by the other new girl, Madison.

Rebecca: It's going to be a long year.

Marie: Are you talking to yourself?

Rebecca: Your friend's hair is burning.

Marie: (Turns to Rose and laughs)

Rose: (screams)

Madison: Their not friends.

Rebecca: Why do you say that?

Madison: They broke a test tube and havent said a decent thing to one another since.

Rebecca: Is everyone here rude beyond belief?

Ms. Skylar: Has anyone seen Samantha Hale?

Sam: (Opens door) Hola.

Ms. Skylar: Tardy on first day.

Sam: What are you going to tell my mom over lunch.

Ms. Skylar: Just sit down.

Sam: (Sits byself in the back)

Madison: You again.


Rebecca: I suppose youve met?

Sam: A small inconciterte greeting if you will.

Madison: Me!?

Sam: I'm not pointing fingers.

Madison: Theres nothing wrong with being a cheerleader.

Sam: Theres nothing wrong with the music i listen to.

Rebecca: Look were all different but i'd like not to get sent to the office for being disruptive in class. (Points to MArie and Rose who are still aruging)

Madison: Then stop instegating.

Sam: I know me and barbie were getting somewhere.

Madison: Sto calling me that!

Sam: I've said it twice!

Madison: To many!

Rebecca: Shhh!

Madison: Shhh! yourself!

Sam: Shhh!

Madison: Shhh!

Rebecca: Shhh!

Marie and Rose: Shut up!

Ms. Skylar: Enough! Out! Out! Office now!

(All five stand up and leave the class. Just as they leave Ms. Skylar feels a surge of electricity run though her body and she gasps.)

Rebecca: Look what you all did!

MArie: I was minding my own business!

Rose: What!?

MArie: Do you have a problem

Rose: I think you need to get your ears checked!

Madison: Good grief it was a stupid test ube get over it.

Rose: Its the principal

Sam: Which is what!? Dont assisst

Rebecca: Beacuse you were so helpful this morning

Sam: Did I ask for your opinon?

Madison: Was anyone talking to you?

Sam: Look we can all argue all we want but either way we have to pay a visit to the principal office

Rebecca: No we dont

MArie: Say again

Rebecca: No one is pulling our hair forcing us

Rose: So we just walk out?

Rebecca: Do you want a referal on the first day?

Madison: It could ruin my whole record.

Rebecca: Lets go then.

Sam: Just ditch school.

Rebecca: Well?

MAdison: Hmmm.... okay.

Marie: I'm in.

Rose: Wheres the front door again?

Sam: Why not?

Rebecca: (smiles)

(The girls rush out of school and montage beings to play to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IHdaagXWas outside they board a bus that reads "Board walk".)

Madison: (Steps off bus)

Sam: (Runs past Madison)


Rebecca: (Eating cotton candy)

Marie: (Tries getting cotton candy out of hair)


Rose: (Spinning on tea cups)

Sam: (Thorws hands in hair)

(The ride stops)

Rose: (Runs off and throws up on Rebecca shoes.)

Marie: (points and giggles)

Madison: (MAskes gaging face.)

Sam: (Pats Rose on back.)

Rebecca: (Frowns)


Madison: (In ferris wheel carriage and holds Marie who is sat beside her.)


Sam: (Looks over edge of ferris wheel cart)

Rose: (Licking ice cream and scoop falls off cone onto someones head. Sticks cone in Sam's hand.)


Rebecca: (Riding in carriage byself. She looks over the town and smiles.)


Sam: (Runs into haunted house.)

Marie: (Follows.)

Madison: (walking in annoyed.)

Rebecca: (Yawns)

Rose: (Walks in timidly)

Sam: (Pops out from corner.)

Madison: (Screams and runs out.)

Marie: (pops out from other corner.)

Rebecca: (Runs out scremaing.)

Sam and Rebecca: (pop out from another corner)

Rose: (Laughs at the two and continues to walk.)


Rebecca: (Walks into a photobooth and inserts three dollars and it flashes a picture.)

Marie: (Sits by sam in photobooth and it flashes a picture.)

Sam: (Climbs over Rebecca to sit on side with her legs in a pretzel and it flashes a picture.)

Rose: (Tries to sit on bench with others but kneels on floor and it flashes a picture.)

Madison: (Sticks head from curatin and flashes photo.)


(The scene transitions to the girls leaning over the board walk side rail wathicng the ocean and the music stops.)

Rebecca: I give my first day back an A.

Marie: I really thought I was going ot hate this place.

Rebecca: Why did you move here Marie?

Marie: My mom was getting sick of traveling everywhere for her job. She wanted to take a few years to settle so she chose here, it's where she grew up.

Rebecca: My parents are divorced. I come every so many months. But it's the first time i'm here for the school year.

Sam: So you've lived here before?

Rebecca: Until I was ten.

Sam: I've never lived anywhere else but here. And let me tell you this palce get's old, really fast.

Rose: Oh it's not so bad. Were all friends now so things should be easier.

(It's arkwardly quiet and the five avoid eachother.)

Rose: Guys?

Madison: Rose, were five very differnet people. Who are here for very different reasons.

Rose: Were here together that has to stand for something rigth?

Sam: yeah it looks like five incredibly bored teens decided to skip out on school.

Rose: Thats all we are. Not even aquentices!?

Marie: Rose were different and -

Rose: And that souldnt matter. (Stands up and leaves.)

MAdison: (leaves without a word.)

Sam: Well my parents are probably going balistic. (Turns and leaves)

Rebecca: You out to?

MArie: Nah. Its a beautiful day.

Rebecca: (Sits by Marie.)

(The scene transitions to the Tubbs's house.)

Irma: Hey Rosie how was your first day? (Turning around from chair at kitchen table.)

Rose: (marches up staris.)

Melony: Mine too!

Jared: Look I can stick my whole fist in ym mouth!

(Scene transitions to the Hale home where thier having dinner.)

Cornelia: Why? (Pokes food with fork) Why do I let you cook? (Drops fork.)

Caleb: Don't act like you can do any better!

Cornelia: At least I dont burn water.

Jordan: It's not all that bad. (Eating food fiercely.)

Sam: (walks though front door.) Hi family.

Cornelia: Where have you been?

Sam: Just hanging with Nikki.

Caleb: How was the first day back?

Sam: Same 'ol same 'ol. (Sits down at table.) Whats that? (Points at plate.)

Cornelia: I dont know. Ask your father.

(Scene changes to Rebecca flipping channels.)

Matt: Hey kiddo.

Rebecca: (Turns off TV and walks into room.)

Matt: Okay good day. Good day.

Rebecca: (Sits on chair and begins to type on computer. She is updating her blog.) So heatherfiedl is just like any other town... it's boring small and completly generic. I miss myl ife. My Mom and my friends. And if any of you are reading this please come save me! For once i'd like something exciting to happen...

(The scene opens up on Orube who is at home brushing her hair and notcies something glowing behind her closet door. She walks slowly to her closet and gasps. A small silver jewlery box glows pink. Orube opens the box and takes out the amulet. the heart of candacar. It shows faint images of Rebecca, Rose, Madison, Sam and Marie.)

Orube: It's time.

(The scene transitios to the Silver Dragon.)

Hay Lin: Oh how i miss grandma.

(His mother in law picks at Eric's hair.)

Eric: Oh how i miss living in our own house.

Marie: (opens her new room and dusts the shelves. She begins to feel her nosy prickley. She sniffs.) Agh alergies. 9She breathes in and sneezes. The whole room goes through a hurricane of wind and stops. Everything is misplaced.)

Hay Lin: Everything all right Marie?

Marie: Oh my - (Collapses.)

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.T.C.H. the next generation   Thu 18 Oct 2012, 06:34

Wow this is cool geek.
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.T.C.H. the next generation   

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W.I.T.C.H. the next generation
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